Freaquently Asked Questions

The question is…Is your time worth more? As modern people we often feel like we should be doing everything; managing our homes, having a family, working and maintaining a social life. Nowadays having a cleaner is not reserved for the rich and famous it's just for anyone that would rather a clean house than a trip to the cinema every week. It is also worth considering that it takes time and effort to clean a house properly, someone that is paid to do so is more dedicated to doing it to a high standard while knowing what products work well. We bring our own products and equipment so all of this is included in the hourly rate.
It can be quite overwhelming inviting a stranger into your home on a regular basis and trusting someone around all of your belongings and for that matter around you and your family. All our cleaners are reference checked and we can give you references from long standing customers who have come to know and love the staff. We endeavour to send the same housekeepers on every visit so that you can get to know them and feel easy about having them in your home. We are also fully insured and can produce our insurance certificate upon request.
You don’t have to be no. We hold keys for the majority of our customers and go to clean while they are out or at work, that doesn’t mean to say you need to be out…we love to see our customers too! If you provide us with a key for your home it is kept in a locked key safe and signed in and out on your cleaning day. Before we start coming a routine and specifics will be discussed with you so that if you are not going to be there the housekeepers will let themselves in and get the job done. This way you can come home to a beautifully clean home.
Of course! We are all very used to customer’s pets being home and we love them, even the loud, jumpy ones! We can let them out in the garden while we are there if that would be helpful, or we have an in house dog walker if you would like your dog walked.
This is something we would discuss with you before starting, once we work out with you the frequency of cleans (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.) and for how long each visit, we will then allocate you two members of staff and a day of the week that works well for you. This will depend on if you want to be home or not and if one week it doesn’t suit, we can reorganise for a different day that week.